Affordable Dentistry in Wheeling, IL Without Dental Insurance Hassles

Posted: March 3, 2011 in Dentist
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Our economy is not recovering as fast as we would like.  Businesses and individuals have had to cut back on many things to make ends meet.  Employers are cutting benefits to save money.  Individuals are cutting back in order to save for that “rainy day”.  We are seeing these changes at Aristo Dental.

We are starting a new program to help our businesses and individuals continue to have quality dental care in these tough economic times.  The Preferred Provider Dental Plan is an annual reduced fee dental plan that allows individuals, families and businesses receive quality dental services from our office at prices that make sense for today’s economy.   The Preferred Provider Dental Plan offers the economics of group dental care with the individualized attention of private care.

Dental insurance has yearly maximums of $750 up to $3000 if you are lucky.  Then there is the annual deductible of $25 up to $300.  Of course we cannot forget the percentages that are your co-pay of 10%, 25%, 50% up to 80% of the fees.  Now that you have benefits, don’t forget it is your employer that chooses what will be paid for by the insurance company.  (More on this in future posts)

With The Preferred Provider Dental Plan, after your membership is paid for the year ($254), there are no deductibles, no downgrading, no waiting periods, no co-pay.  We will reduce your fees in our office by 30% while providing you with 2 FREE healthy mouth cleanings, 2 FREE exams, 4 FREE bitewing x-rays, and 1 FREE fluoride varnish treatment (valued $365).

Call our office in Wheeling today (847-808-8300) to find out more about this great new membership program.  Your oral health is very important to us.

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