Your Smile – The Good, The Bad or The Ugly

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Dentist
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Your smile tells the most about you.   Do you like your smile?  Do you show it proudly or do you hide it?  What does your smile say about you?  Is it a welcoming introduction or does it tell people to stay away.

In the business world more importantly, the networking world, we look at people’s smiles and teeth.  I know when people have missing teeth, poor fitting crowns, bridges and dentures, or they have excessive stain on tartar on their teeth I second guess if they would be a good referral source.  I think to myself – if they cannot take care of themselves, how will they take care of my referrals.

A smile is powerful – a beautiful smile is even more powerful.  It can warm you and invite you to get to know the person better.  It is an invitation that keeps giving.

Dr. Giovanni enjoyed meeting this woman at a fair – but she has a great smile and attitude for a fair.  Would you give her your retirement fund to manage?  In her line of work, a great smile and great teeth are not necessary.

So, what does your smile say about you?  Even this woman could get a great smile with Dr. Giovanni and Dr. Sandra that would be inviting to everyone.

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